Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma

Format: Virtual Live Instructor-led Classroom
Topic: Data Analytics



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2022 is all but here, and the game has changed. More data, bigger data, higher complexity data….

Data is being generated by our processes at a phenomenal rate. Customer data, sensors, and the internet-of-things are just some of the sources of this new data. Gone are the days of simply being able to rely on Excel or even simple statistical software. New tools and techniques are required to derive the most value from our data.

Lean Methods has designed its Data Analysis for Lean Six Sigma program to bridge the gap between traditional process improvement methods and the era of big data. No Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt is truly complete until these new skills have been mastered. Once mastered, they open up a whole new world of possibilities that goes beyond problem-solving and into the world of future-looking insight.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand Data Types
2. Identify opportunities to apply artificial intelligence to your business
3. Understand use cases for cloud computing
4. Recognize different types of AI solution architectures
5. Become familiar with R, Python and PowerBI


Trained in lean six sigma, math skills, and an analytical mind.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in understanding the nature of modern data analytics while developing a basic level of new skills in data science.


Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Certificate in Data Analytics.

This certification program is designed to build a basic level of skill and to familiarize students with the concepts of modern data science.

Each day’s class will run approximately four hours.

No software is required. All tools will be accessed via web browsers using cloud services. Students must be able to access external secure (https) websites.

Week 1

– Intro, Agenda, Class Overview
– Introduction to Data Leadership and Methods
– Data and its Uses
– Introduction to Data Analytics
– Data Governance
– Data Ethics
– Introduction to Data Tools: Excel, PowerBI, R, Python
– Data Teams
– The Data Science Process
– Data Projects
– Foundations of Data Science Methods
– Overview of Advanced Data Science Methods
– Visualization and Storytelling


Week 2

– Data Visualization and Storytelling continued
– Foundations of Cloud Computing
– Principles of Artificial Intelligence Applications and Algorithms
– Introduction to R Programming Day 1: Setup, Data types, packages and libraries
– Introduction to R Programming Day 2: Plotting, data wrangling
– Overview of Python: Python and R, visualization and EDA applications, Big Data

Internet connection with modern browser

Operating System: Microsoft Windows (7 and higher) or Apple Mac OS X

Display Properties Setting: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Classes meet through Microsoft Teams

Recommended Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge

For the best experience and optimum security, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date.

Legacy browsers with known issues:

Internet Explorer 10 and below

Safari 7 and below

Note: the course content requires that any pop-up blocker be disabled

Lean Methods Group reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule courses and to change instructors. We will do our best to ensure you are aware of changes six weeks prior to the course start date. Please be advised that in the event of a course cancellation, Lean Methods Group is not responsible for airfare penalties or other travel-related expenses you may incur.

While we recognize the need to cancel due to unforeseen events, we kindly ask that you consider the other students in this course when cancelling your enrollment.  We ask for six weeks advance notice so that we may fill your spot and ensure a fun class for the other students.

    • Requests for cancellations/transfers received at least six weeks before the start of the course receive a full refund/transfer to another workshop
    • Requests received within four weeks of the course shall receive a 50% refund.
    • After the course starts, there are no refunds or transfers.
    • Registrants who fail to attend without advance notice are liable for the entire course fee.
    • We can transfer your course fees to another Lean Methods e-learning or instructor-led course of your choice.

You must successfully complete the entire course or program before IACET CEUs, PDUs and a Certificate of Completion can be awarded.

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