Data Analytics

The value of data has been known for more than 100 years. How to get value out of data has always been the challenge. In the modern era of big data and data analytics, the value gap turns out to be in the past, with executives and managers who have never been trained to take advantage of their new data assets (both people and technology). Leveraging Lean Methods’ vast capability in data analysis, strategy, and innovation, the focus of our Data Analytics practice is bridging the gap between analysis and value.

Today’s data intensive businesses are engaged in a never-ending challenge to recruit and retain top talent, ensure access to vast quantities of high quality, relevant data, and provide the infrastructure (data collection, storage, retrieval, and analysis tools and systems) to make use of that data. Most importantly—and often forgotten—executives and managers must develop the capability to manage these assets and to apply this new capability to everyday problem solving, innovation, and strategy. Bridging the gap between data analysts and managers is the focus of Lean Method’s Data Analytics practice.

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